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About Ustaz Saiful Bahri Bin Soro – Our Reader

Ustaz Saiful Bahri Bin Soro was born in Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia in 1966. He was educated at Pesantren Sidogiri Pasuruan in East Java for six years in Islamic Studies as well as Quranic Studies. In 1987 he moved to the state of Sarawak, Malaysia where he taught at Madrasah Darul Ulum in Bintulu while at the same time taking the role of Imaam for the Bintulu District Mosque.
During his twenty years in Sarawak, he was regularly invited to be one of the judges for the State Quran Recitation competition. He is currently teaching Tajweed (the Science of Quran recitation) and Quran Memorisation at Maahad Tahfiz At-Tazkirah in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

About Ustaz Haji As’ad Humam – Iqra’ Learning Method

The Iqra’ learning method to read Al-Quran was structured by the late Ustaz Haji As’ad Humam from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was first introduced  in 1998 in an Islamic kindergarten school  in Gedo, Yogyakarta, as an effort to improve the old method (al-Baghdadi) of teaching and learning Al-Quran. Al-Marhum Ustaz Haji As’ad Humam had a wide experience in teaching Al-Quran since 1950’s. May Allah grant him His Grace to him. Al-fatihah.

After a thorough research, the Ministry of Education Malaysia adopted this method as a teaching guide for reading the Al-Qur’an in all primary schools throughout Malaysia. For more than 17 years this method has proven to be very effective in helping students to read Al Quran in a short period of time successfully. Besides Malaysia, this method has also been adopted as one of the methods in teaching and reading Al Quran across ASEAN countries.


Learning to read Al-Qur’an

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Juz Amma

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Wudhu' and Salat

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Learn how to do wudhu’ and salat:

Prayers in Wudhu' and Salat

Learn well the prayers/doas that
you need to know when you do your
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Learn to fast in the easiest way.
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